Philips SpeechLive

Philips SpeechLive is your personal assistant in the cloud. The new dictation workflow service increases your productivity by allowing you to focus on your core business. You can now take full control of your entire dictation workflow, whether you are in the office or on the road. SpeechLive lets you upload, play and download dictation files, send them to your assistant or have them professionally transcribed using speech recognition software or a transcription service, which uses professional, industry-specific trained transcriptionists.

Simply speak, send and you are done!

Philips SpeechLive is
a new effective way of working!

How can you benefit from

Philips SpeechLive?

Transcription Service

How to use Philips SpeechLive transcription service in the voice recorder app

Speech Recognition Service

How to use Philips SpeechLive speech recognition service in the voice recorder app


SpeechLive secures your dictations by encrypting them during recording, again when they are sent, and again by storing them in an encrypted format when safely kept in the cloud. This means end-to-end double encryption and protection from unauthorized access.

Highest Security

SpeechLive is an extremely secure cloud storage, utilizing the highest security standards available.

Real-Time encryption

Dictation files are encrypted in real time with the highest encryption standard available to protect your data.

Double encryption

Philips uses state-of-the-art encryption standards to protect your data.

Awarded Security

Data centers used by SpeechLive were awarded with the most important security certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SpeechLive hosted?
The SpeechLive workflow system is hosted in 2 locations:
For Europe and countries outside of North America SpeechLive is hosted in a Microsoft data center in central Europe. For North America SpeechLive is hosted in a Microsoft data center in the USA. Account management is hosted in a data center in Austria.
What security measures are in place during file transfer, and are stored files encrypted?
During file transfer to and from SpeechLive we use the secure HTTPS protocol. While in the cloud storage, all data is encrypted with 256 bit encryption.
Is an Internet connection necessary to use SpeechLive?
To successfully use SpeechLive, you need to have a HTTPS connection to the Internet. Please contact your local IT administrator for further details.
Can I use additional encryption to ensure that my dictations are secure?
Yes, you can use additional encryption on top of the SpeechLive encryption to secure your dictations.
To encrypt completed dictation jobs, you can use SpeechExec encryption methods.
To encrypt your dictation already during recording, you can use the 256 bit DSS Pro encryption on your voice recorder or with SpeechExec Pro Dictate software.
Will my data be passed on to third parties?
Per SpeechLive Privacy Policy they will not sell or provide your personal data to third parties, thus preventing them from using your personal data for their own purposes. None of your personal financial information (such as credit card information) will be shared with other parties unless this is needed to handle your order, process our invoice, or prevent or combat fraud. For more information, please read the Privacy Policy on our website.