Managed security services for small to medium sized businesses

Computer viruses and malicious attacks are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication. firewall and security protection is now essential for any business with an office network connected to the Internet. Abacus Systems can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information systems, from providing security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy for your network.

Abacus Systems Certified experts can be onsite to help you:

    • Perform comprehensive security audits
    • Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks
    • Configure firewalls and network devices
    • Configure secure access for remote offices and teleworkers
    • Deploy automated software for protection against viruses and spam
    • Develop a security strategy with 24×7 monitoring
    • Provide on-site and remote diagnostic service
    • Troubleshooting for network problems

Security Audits, Design and consulting

Abacus Systems offers expertise in system and security audits. Abacus Systems has created our own audit templates as well as using industry recognized and standard tools in order to help identify potential security problems.

Disaster Backup & Recovery

Abacus Systems can advise you about how to design security into your business processes. Abacus Systems can install scanning and auditing software, define and implement secure network architectures and recommend procedures and policies to optimize the safety of your network. Abacus Systems’s networking experts can help you configure a firewall, set up secure remote access to email and company data, and implement secure remote access with virtual private networks (VPN).

Security Planning and Compliance

Every business should have a designed and carefully thought out security strategy that includes both proactive and reactive plans. The proactive or “pre-attack” strategy should include steps that help to minimize vulnerabilities and risk. The reactive strategy or “post-attack” strategy should include the proper steps in assessing the damage caused by the attack and steps in recovering the systems or network as soon as possible.

Abacus Systems’s IT consultants can help you perform a full risk assessment and define network security strategy to help minimize or eliminate the possibilities of attacks and threats. If you are looking for SOCKS compliance or any other security related compliance Abacus Systems can provide you with certified CISSP security consultants.

Firewalls and VPN solutions

Abacus Systems offers robust VPN solutions for companies looking to provide secure connectivity between remote workers or employees on the road as well as to headquarters and other satellite offices, using the Internet. With high encryption and cross platform compatibilities our VPN solutions deliver enhanced security to protect the privacy of your company data over the Internet. We support major vendors vpn products such as Cisco, Sonicwall, Microsoft and Linux.

Traffic and System Monitoring

Worried about hackers? how do you even know if they are attacking your system or have compromised your system already?. Abacus Systems works with advanced monitoring software such as tripwire and snort, these software’s can alert you when it detects problems such as hacker attempts.

Virus Protection

Abacus Systems can create a virus prevention strategy best suited for your organization. We specialize in most major brands of virus and spam protection software so you can get the best software suited for your needs. We work with companies such as Trend micro, Symantec, Mcafee, Kaspersky, BitDefender and many others.

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