What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation describes a technology in which an application, guest operating system or data storage is abstracted away from the true underlying hardware or software. A key use of virtualisation technology is server virtualisation, which uses a software layer called a hypervisor to emulate the underlying hardware. This often includes the CPU’s memory, I/O and network traffic. The guest operating system, normally interacting with true hardware, is now doing so with a software emulation of that hardware, and often the guest operating system has no idea it’s on virtualized hardware. While the performance of this virtual system is not equal to the performance of the operating system running on true hardware, the concept of virtualisation works because most guest operating systems and applications don’t need the full use of the underlying hardware.

This allows for greater flexibility, control and isolation by removing the dependency on a given hardware platform. While initially meant for server virtualisation, the concept of virtualisation has spread to applications, networks, data and desktops.

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Abacus Systems offer expert VMware consulting, VMware solutions, virtualisation and consolidation solutions, VMware Services throughout Ireland. Our Virtual Installation Service (VIS) is focused on best practice implementation, client education and validation of VMware® ESX Server deployments. The service utilises experienced fully certified VMware engineers for best practice guidance to ensure the VMware solution enhances business continuance as well as server consolidation requirements.

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