Managed Cloud

At Abacus Systems, we specialize in delivering tailored managed cloud services that empower your business to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, enhance security, or drive digital transformation, our comprehensive offerings ensure you can harness the full potential of cloud technologies.

  • Cloud Consulting

Enable your business to leverage and optimize cloud solutions with insights from our experienced cloud consultants. We provide strategic recommendations, expert implementation, and empower informed decision-making to maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

  • Cloud Migrations

Navigating the complexities of cloud migration can be daunting. Let us assist you in seamlessly migrating digital assets, applications, and data from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Enhance operational efficiency and capitalize on the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Cloud Security

Protecting your cloud environment is paramount. Our robust cloud security solutions safeguard against unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. We ensure consistent standards such as encryption, access controls, threat detection, and compliance to protect your operations effectively.

  • Digital Transformation and Modern Workplace Strategy

Embrace digital transformation with our managed cloud services. We empower your organization to modernize workflows, enhance collaboration, and support flexible working practices. Leverage cloud technologies to become an employer of choice and drive productivity across your workforce.

  • Microsoft Co-Pilot for 365

Harnessing AI, Microsoft Co-Pilot for 365 makes tasks smoother and more efficient. Summarise email threads for instant access to crucial information. Quickly draft emails, then tailor them to your needs. Missed a Teams meeting? Co-Pilot provides summaries and action points. Transform your workflow, simplify tasks, and maximize Microsoft 365 with Abacus Systems’ expert support.

  • Data Strategy

Develop a robust data strategy with Abacus Systems. We help you manage, analyze, and derive insights from your data assets in the cloud. From data governance to analytics and reporting, our solutions empower informed decision-making and drive business growth.

Transform your business with Abacus Systems’ managed cloud services. Contact us today to discover how we can accelerate your journey to the cloud, enhance security, and empower your organization with scalable and efficient cloud solutions.