Managed Cyber Security

At Abacus Systems, we provide comprehensive cyber security solutions tailored to protect your organization from evolving threats. Our expert team ensures the highest standards of protection through a range of managed services designed to address all aspects of cyber security.

  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR):

Our team of global cybersecurity experts will monitor your environment, eliminate detected threats in real-time, identify root causes, and provide guidance to close exploits. Proactive threat hunts performed by highly-trained analysts uncover and rapidly eliminate more threats than security products alone.

  • Incident Response:

We provide a Dedicated Incident Response Lead who collaborates with your team and partners to resolve incidents. We offer proactive recommendations, perform root cause analysis, and provide guidance to address security weaknesses and prevent future exploits.

  • User Awareness Training:

We’ll help embed a strong culture of cyber awareness with tailored security training and phishing simulation ensuring your staff are the first line of defence.

  • Business Continuity Disaster Recovery:

We utilise industry-leading BCDR technology providing automated backups at regular intervals to minimise data loss, Image-based snapshots to ensure full protection of your data, and the ability to spin your backup up in a virtualized environment should your systems fail.

  • Business Continuity Testing:

We offer comprehensive business continuity testing to ensure your organization can maintain operations during disruptions. Our services include risk assessments, developing and testing recovery plans, and providing actionable recommendations to improve resilience and minimize downtime.

  • Penetration Testing & Assessments:

We offer a range of vulnerability assessment and penetration test services from low-cost automated testing up to CREST-accredited manual penetration tests to identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your IT environment.

  • Comprehensive Patch Management:

We ensure robust security by systematically updating and securing third-party software applications across your network, safeguarding against vulnerabilities and enhancing overall system integrity.

  • Vulnerability Management

We provide comprehensive vulnerability management services to continuously identify, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities across your network and systems. Our approach includes regular scanning, detailed reporting, and prioritized remediation guidance to mitigate risks effectively and maintain a secure IT environment.

  • Microsoft 365 Benchmarking and Alerting:

Align your Microsoft 365 security posture with best practices from the CIS Fundamentals Benchmark. Benefit from instant gap analysis, continuous audits, breach monitoring, and prioritized risk management.

  • DMARC Reporting:

We provide DMARC services to protect your email domain from unauthorized use. Our offerings include DMARC policy setup, monitoring, and reporting, ensuring email authenticity, improving email deliverability, and enhancing your domain’s security against phishing and spoofing attacks.

  • Compliance Management:

Whether you seek initial advice or comprehensive support, we ensure compliance with a variety of regulatory and security standards. From responding to cyber insurance questionnaires to adopting rigorous security protocols, we offer expert assistance tailored to your requirements.

Protect your business with Abacus Systems’ managed cyber security services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can safeguard your digital assets and ensure your organization’s resilience against cyber threats.