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Digital Dictation

Personalised interface designed with you, for you, to include your colour scheme and firm’s logo. A familiar interface, so very user intuitive to use.

Reduce administration costs and free up more time for patients.

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Diktamen Features

Accelerate Document Turnaround



  • State of the art encryption of data and voice
  • SMS verification
  • YUBI key authentication
  • Access limited or based on IP address
  • Complex access controls based on writing rules
  • Alphanumeric usernames and passwords
  • Configure password complexity, expiry, and lockout options
  • Users have the ability to change passwords through a web interface


  • Manage multiple organisations or groups
  • Built in reporting for individuals, teams, groups and organisations
  • Determine writing rules for workflows of organisations
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Real-time status of dictations
  • Control job types and priorities


  • Automatic routing of dictations for transcription
  • Management or team leads able to control workflow
  • Remote access
  • Priority-based allocation of jobs
  • Automatic outsourcing based on writing rules
  • Template use based on writing rules
  • Native components or java


  • Desktop and mobile interfaces
  • Upload audio from portable dictation devices
  • Live feed for dictations
  • Record and upload dictations through the mobile app
  • View job status through the mobile app
  • Approval and text viewing through the mobile app
  • Edit or overwrite existing dictations
  • Add metadata to dictations
  • Communicate with typist through notes or instructions
  • Personal statistics


  • Browser-based interface
  • Device independent
  • Organization specific design
  • Multiple Queue views
  • Typist management through team functions and reporting
  • Job lists with properties
  • Search and filtering functions
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Auto-upload of next available dictation
  • Communication with author through notes
  • Floating audio player window
  • Work history stats and automatic work time tracking
  • Audio quality feedback


  • Supports local use and remote desktop
  • Works in Citrix environments
  • Distributed web-based system that offers native clients windows and OSx platforms
  • Server technology support for IIS, Linux Apache and MySQL
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