What’s spoken matters.

1. Record a dictation
2. Send it to a transcription option
3. Receive your transcribed document

    Working faster with your voice

    At Diktamen we take away all the barriers around implementing and maintaining voice-to-text technology. This is carried by supplying self-sufficient speech workflow tools, which accelerate the speed of administration and allow firms to benefit from the time saved. Our solutions are fairly priced without compromising the innovation of our technology, and spare firms the worry of software upgrades – as these are free.

    As an industry leading provider in the Nordics, we support firms and organisations of all sizes with our extensive knowledge and scalable technology built over the last decade. Whether it’s installing a basic bespoke digital dictation and transcription system, or accelerating your workflow with Speech Recognition – at Diktamen our development team make improving your process affordable and easy to do.


    Digital Dictation

    Quickly dictating notes or updating case files should not be restricted to an office or client site. Our digital dictation solution supports users with an easy-to-use agile platform that is accessible through desktop and smart phone, allowing you to easily work ‘on-the-go’. We also provide users with the ability to access their dictations and data around the clock.


    With our pay-as-you Speech Recognition module configured; it’s quick and easy to send jobs for transcription – allowing your typist or author to be presented with text they can quickly edit and complete. Our pay-as-you go module also give firms to ability to invest in Speech Recognition with minimal risk, as you are only charged for usage.

    Consultation & Meeting Recordings

    At Diktamen, our adaptable solution provides users with the ability to record any meeting scenario, no matter the location or number of participants. We have many years’ experience with the best conference hardware and their placement, so we are able to make recording the audio of a consultation or meeting – a very simple thing to do.

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    Transcription Overflow

    We provide low cost transcription options to support any backlogs you accumulate, no matter how small or large. We are also able to transcribe any voice file in any audio format, allowing you to turn a voice file into a document quickly. Diktamen are the only dictation provider that has an in-house specialist transcription team, and initially started developing software to support our transcriptionists.

    Bespoke Workflow Management Configuration

    The effective use of resources, including time, money and staff, is extremely important for service providers. We understand every organisation is different, and offer a bespoke deployment of our solutions which are designed specifically for your business at no additional cost. Our workflow management system utilises documentation workflow metrics to provide detailed analysis of your organisation.

    How Diktamen Works

    Speak to one of our IT experts today!

    Ready to take advantage of our I.T. experience for your next project? Let’s work together.

    Fast implementation at no cost

    We make installing our solutions as easy as possible, and configure your system around your schedule – reducing the inconvenience caused to your team. We offer a hosted or on-site solution, and will have your system up-and-running in a matter of hours. Our installations team also provide daily updates until your system is up and running to client satisfaction.

    Some benefits of using Diktamen

    Mobile Digital Dictation

    • No training needed.
    • Mobile application included for smart devices.
    • The ability to track process through to approval.

    Speech recognition

    • Create documents simply by your voice.
    • No typing needed.
    • Back end speech recognition.

    Workflow management

    • Personalised for purpose.
    • Intelligence reporting abilities.
    • Bespoke workflow designed for and by you.


    • Reduction in turn around time.
    • Elimination of existing backlog.
    • Prevention of future backlog.

    Fast implementation

    • Light on IT.
    • SaaS module options.
    • Private sever abilities.

    Our Security Promise

    • GDPR compliant.
    • UK based server and security protocol.
    • 256-bit encryption on every dictation.